TRISTEN MICKELSON, Founded in 2017 by Tristen Mickelson. In January 2017, Tristen Mickelson announced the creation of the TRISTEN MICKELSON brand. 

TRISTEN MICKELSON, continues to thrive as an impeccable and powerful symbol of modern luxury. Delivering on impeccable, highest quality products, serving those with immaculate and irreproachable tastes. The early 21st century, has begun to become lead by TRISTEN MICKELSON to become most powerful brand in fashion since the beginning of time. 

Under the new vision, TRISTEN MICKELSON has revolutionized and reinforced luxury for the 21st century, representing the highest level of American luxury unsurpassed for the extreme attention-to-detail in ready-to-wear, couture, accessories and made-to-measure. In the 21st century, TRISTEN MICKELSON has begun in setting the greatest and most powerful standards of exuberance, etiquette and impeccable quality.

TRISTEN MICKELSON's vision is to revolutionize fashion in the 21st century by designifying the display of wealth through dress as expressive and potent means of social distinction. Replacing wealth by abondance, inspiring and defining prosperity and sophistication. To create luxury fashion readily exclusive yet obtainable to anyone and everyone in the world. To immensely unite and transform each individuals perceptions of themselves from others.